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The labyrinth dates back to prehistoric time, and is perceived as sacred space. It seems to have been an integral part of many cultures, such as Celtic, Mayan, Greek, and Native American.

Today, labyrinths are still being used throughout the world as meditative and healing tools. When considering the labyrinth, there are only two choices: walk it, or don’t walk it! If walked, it can change one’s life.

There are as many different ways to walk the labyrinth as there are individuals. As Dr. Lauren Artress points out (Walking a Sacred Path – Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool), the seeking of answers to our questions is the act of walking a sacred path. When we walk the labyrinth, we discover our sacred inner space. We are attracted to healing tools such as labyrinth because they deepen our self-knowledge and empower our creativity.

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the life journey. It calms those in the throes of transition, and helps us to see life in the context of a path. We realize we are not humans on a spiritual path, but rather spiritual beings on a human path. It urges actions and stirs creative fires. To those who are in sorrow, it gives solace and peace.

The journey is different for everyone, as we each bring different raw material to the labyrinth. We come in uniqueness, and often depart with a greater sense of connectedness. So, walk on, with the understanding that you can access the truth in your soul.

It is our wish that you find that which you seek. Remember, if you want your life to change, you have the power to create it differently.


Here is ONE of numerous approaches that may be taken, as described by Sig Lonegren in his book Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses. The circuits, or paths, of the labyrinth can correlate with certain aspects of life. As you walk, you may wish to observe that the classic seven circuit labyrinth is walked in this order: 3-2-1-4 / 7-6-5-8.

The 1st path is:

3. Mental – ” I think…”. The task on the first path is to think about that which you bring to the labyrinth for resolution.

2. Emotional – ” I feel…”. Use this phrase as a mantra, and the emotions will be called forth .

1. Physical – How will this issue affect me on the physical level, within my earthly reality?

4. Personal Spiritual – How is the issue affecting my spirituality? Will I grow closer to Oneness, or will my choices impede my spiritual growth?

7. God/dess – This is the path of invocation to your personal deity. It is the path from which to call for his/her help.

The Critical Turn:

6. Vision – Paths 6 & 5 are not to be considered analytically. It is through intuition and trust that the answers come. Go with the first answer, do not confound your subconscious!

5. Manifestation – What is the first step needed to achieve resolution? The answer will come. Trust your intuition, listen with your inner ear. This first step is the crucial point in working magic. When Spirit descends into matter, it is manifestation.

8. Goal – This is the center, the place of no-thing. Take time to relax and breathe. The goal marks the switching place from taking in information to evaluating it. Remember that your exit is as important as the entry.

Going Out:

5. Manifestation – Look at the specific first step you intuited. Don’t judge it, just look at it.

6. Vision – See the answer you intuited on the way in. Again don’t be judgmental, just re-vision what you have already been shown.

7. God/dess – Give thanks to your Deity of choice for bringing you this awareness and this possible solution.

Now Be Critically Analytical:

4. Personal Spiritual – If you implement the first step, and reach vision/solution, will this bring you closer to Oneness?

1. Physical – If your vision manifests, will it bring you what you need?

2. Emotional – How do you feel about this solution? Are you anxious, uncertain, or do you feel calm and peaceful, yet excited?

3. Mental – What do you think of the solution? Remember, no divinitory method is always correct. The rational mind must agree. It filters out the unworkable. Resolution is reached through consensus from all levels of being.