REIKI CLASSES - Usui Shiki Ryoho


Honoring the Lineage:
Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Johannes Reindl
In addition to receiving Reiki treatments through the Reiki Clinic of WNC, it is also possible to obtain training in Reiki so that you can treat yourself and others.
There are three levels of training in the Usui Shiki Ryoho. The student is initiated by a Reiki Master in each level. Each level represents a deeper commitment and is considered to be a gift to oneself.

demonstrating reiki healing methods 

    The levels are:

    First Degree – learn to treat yourself and others.

    Second Degree – learn the sacred symbols.

    Third Degree – learn to teach Reiki to others.

It is prudent to proceed with patience in the study of Reiki. The wise student takes plenty of time to have his or her own experience and develop his/her own relationship with Reiki and the Usui System before deciding whether or not to move to another level of commitment.  If you honor the basic practice of treating yourself daily, Reiki will teach you and guide you to your next step.

I am retiring from teaching Reiki 
effective immediately. If you have been initiated into First Degree by me and wish to be initiated into Second Degree by me, please contact me and we will make arrangements. I am passing my teaching practice to Roberta Naimark, RN who is a Master I initiated. So you can contact her to learn Reiki. Roberta is reliable and dedicated to maintaining the integrity of this practice. She lives in the Asheville area and may be reached at
(828) 419-0029

To schedule an appointment for a Reiki treatment,
please contact Donna at 828-628-1706 or
The Labyrinth Center
58 Dark Star Way
Fairview, NC 28730
Image 1 Donna Stetser, RN, Reiki Master
Member of The Reiki Alliance