Team Members

Betty McKay

R.N., Herbalist, Massage Therapist (NC LMT#325)

Betty brings forty years of knowledge in Western medicine together with the time-honored traditions of Massage and Herbal Remedies to her clients.  Extensive Bodywork training and years of Wise Woman Herbal practice, paired with deeply ingrained intuition gives her a work a calm and gentle quality that nurtures relaxation and permits elements of concern to surface, thus allowing for healing.  She offers her assistance either by means of massage or herbal support and consultation. Her massage practice at the Labyrinth Center in Fairview, NC, consists of gentle massage employing Swedish, Hawaiian, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Her herbal practice includes private consultations, her own hand-made herbal products called Fred’s Formulas, and classes and practicums in herbalism.  She also makes “house calls”, to identify, flag, and preserve medicinal plants on a client’s own property. My background in nursing brought me to the conlusion that we are more than the sum total of our body parts. It seemed obvious to me that if the physical is all we treat, we are missing a great number of possibilities for healing. It was at that point that I began searching for what other healing modalities were available, with the hope of fusing traditional and non-traditional methods. Massage, herbs, and Reiki have blended well  toward this end. I believe that healing encompasses a multitude of dimensions, some of which we humans probably are not equipped to discern or understand. The mystery of healing is one to which I open myself, secure in the knowledge that healing happens whether we understand the “how” of it, or not. I am glad to have tools to offer to those seeking evolution in themselves. I offer these tools to you.

Donna Stetser

Reiki Master – Usui Shiki Ryoho Member of The Reiki Alliance Member of the Board of Directors of The Reiki Foundation International

I have been an RN for over 30 years, and have a private practice as a Reiki Master offering treatments and teaching classes. I am an active member of The Reiki Alliance, a global community of masters in the Usui System. I have lived in the Asheville area since 1980. As co-creator and caretaker of the labyrinth at The Labyrinth Center, I welcome you to visit and walk the labyrinth anytime. I offer the concept that conscious living promotes healing and wellness. I believe we all create our reality by the way we see and hold ourselves in relationship. Our belief system becomes our life, and as we think and feel, so it is! Understanding this magnificent creative ability and learning to apply it with awareness empowers each of us to live consciously and function in a connected manner. As a Hospice volunteer, I have seen healing which transforms the death experience into a graceful and powerful experience – conscious dying – an aspect of life that holds great interest for me. Along the way, I continue to discover many expressions of Reiki in my life that help me to heal myself so that I can assist others to heal. I endeavor to behave distinctly, yet remain connected, to be consistent and steady, yet flexible, to be open and aware, yet sovereign. I believe that creation occurs either from a place of love or a place of fear. Wherever we are at the moment, is the basis for our creations. When we learn to find our still point and consciously create from the vibration of love, we are able to begin to see that we draw to us that which matches the vibration we produce. There truly are no victims. We each choose how our life is. It is merely a matter of doing it consciously, rather than unconsciously. Healing happens when change occurs. Change is the only constant. Challenge yourself to heal. If you don’t like your life, change it! And, be kind to yourself. I use Reiki to develop a “still point” where healing is possible, and where peace and calm can reside.


Garden Overseer

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May the “Forest” Be with You!  Ribbit … ribbit.