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The Reiki Clinic of WNC at The Labyrinth Center

I have been going to the Reiki Clinic of WNC at The Labyrinth Center, even before I moved to WNC in the Fall of 2002.  Prior to moving here from the suburban Philadelphia area, I searched for a local Reiki Master Practitioner in WNC.  This was a point of major importance to me because I received Reiki treatments every two weeks since I became a Reiki Master Practitioner in 2000 and am a firm believer in the benefits of Reiki.

When I googled Reiki in Asheville, NC, the first entry was Reiki Clinic of WNC at The Labyrinth Center.  I have come to the Reiki Clinic many times over the years for a variety of issues.

Donna Stetser is a truly gifted Reiki Master Practitioner.  Her calming presence and the environment at the Clinic are wonderful.  Donna is also very professional and takes her practice and clients seriously.  That is very comforting in itself, as there are many folks out there practicing “energy work” under the guise of Reiki.

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Sue M
Fletcher, NC

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Some people really like the flavor of Ginseng, and some don’t. It’s an acquired taste. Renowned for it’s invigorating qualities, American Ginseng grows right here in the mountains of North Carolina.  I make it into a tincture so it is very concentrated and is rapidly delivered into the system. Yum!
Contact me if you have any questions about this gift from Nature.

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It always amazes me to find green plants hiding in sheltered corners and under piles of leaves.  Even in the winter, a fresh green drink is possible, using wild plants. The fact that they are tenaciously hanging on encourages me that I can make it through winter too. So good!

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