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The power of a walk in a labyrinth

The power of a walk in a labyrinth

How This Labyrinth Came to Be

When we began caretaking the property where we live, we recognized that the site where the labyrinth resides was of a nature that called our attention. As we maintained this area, we began to realize that we would surely do something special with this site.

As time passed, we began to encounter the word “labyrinth” in a new way. We were impulsed to discover more about them. We read and listened, drew them, and walked one. We visited historical cultural sites that in some way reunited us with this energy and this construct. The pattern drew us into ourselves and we began to envision a labyrinth on our “special spot”.

We called our dowser friend, Sam. He came over, and when we had determined that the land agreed, we laid out the labyrinth according to the energy ley lines in the earth. Friends helped mark the paths with survey flags and tape, and set the stones that delineate them. Each stone was carried to the spot it wished to be. After three days, we suddenly realized all the spaces were filled, and when we looked, all the stones had been placed. It came out to the stone! We were amazed!

What appeared from the earth was a beautiful classic Cretan labyrinth. It was as if it had risen from under the ground, as if it had been there all along, just waiting for us to discover it!

When all was said and done, we had created sacred space, and it became obvious that we were to share this space with our community. When we opened the space to others, it opened us as well. Now people come all the time to walk the labyrinth and sit in the energy of this peaceful place. They share their energy with the earth, they seek answers and respite, and they heal and renew. They leave pieces of themselves and their individual journeys. We feel blessed to be the labyrinthkeepers. It is a constant reminder that life is an inward, and an outward journey.

So, if you’re ever nearby, come to visit. There is no fee to walk, and no appointment is needed unless you wish to use it for a private ceremony or gathering. It is a magnificent experience. And we say…Namaste…and Thank You.

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